Google Amp Stories And Facebook Messenger The Perfect Match

Selling a property is the ultimate goal of your marketing efforts and winning in the real estate game is about promoting listings. Therefore, building deeper connecting trustworthy relationships with potential buyers is imperative.

Google amp stories are a creative approach to real estate marketing. Stories provide a way to present your listings in a powerful narrative format. Using this content marketing strategy allows agents to stand out from the crowd. Quick loading tappable pages filled with eloquent property information and visuals create a higher user engagement. These elements effect search engine rankings that result in standing above the fold on consumer searches.

Content marketing is a long- lasting conversation that allows your brand to appear non-threatening and relatable. Since prospects relate to stories and find value in the content they will come back to your brand. Using story oriented content as a marketer will help you become a better seller and stand out above your competition.

Facebook messenger not only allows connection with leads were they spend there time. It allows real estate agents the ability to automate a sales funnel and segment leads and prospects at the various stages of the buying cycle. Agents can easily use yard signs and listing advertisements to pull leads into these powerful automated sales funnels.

For a brief example and how to implement into your real estate business growth strategy visit this link ;

How To Get Property Buyer Leads And Sell Homes Faster

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Powerful birthday marketing – get new customers fast

This direct response marketing strategy will build a sustainable client base of meaningful and long-lasting repeat customers for just about any business.

I hope you found this sales funnel webinar informative and see the value in implementing “birthday marketing” that generates prospects getting them in your door then converts them into customers that “come back again and again”. Put this growth system to work in your local business today. Please take a moment and connect with my team and I to put this to work for you today.

Birthday marketing and VIP rewards clubs are a tried and true business model that have stood the test of time. Anniversary and Birthday Marketing works for Restaurants, Salons, Spas, Lube and Tube Shops, Carpet and Floor Cleaners, House Cleaners and any business that provides products or service in the personal service industry.

With the use of facebook advertising, messenger, sms / text and email marketing. A business can implement a business growth system that automatically generates leads 24/7 365 days a year. A business system that converts leads into customer that will be back again and again.

This direct response marketing strategy is a highly affordable local sales funnel for all business owners and be implemented for what many pay for a one week print advertisement. Which by the way a local business could use this system to enhance current traditional advertising media and start tracking ROI from those ad spends.

O2o Media Birthday and VIP clubs provide mobile redeemable coupons that allow business owners to track and prove ROI.

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Get prospects into sales funnel, sell the qualified fast, and farm the rest till fresh

Real estate leads for agents is number one priority. For those who are new agents this can be even more frustrating. The bottom line is that all agents and brokers are looking for fresh ways to generate real estate leads.

Listen there are many companies out there like Zillow, Trullia and lead brokers who would love you to believe the buying real estate leads will keep your pipeline full and keep you collecting commissions and gaining reputation in your farm area. But ask any seasoned agent how well they are doing with this method the negative results may astonish you.

Real estate marketing is all about promoting your brand as an agent and securing buyer and seller leads by sharing your listings on social media, advertising your agency, and building your website content that puts your brand message in front to your database of prospects weekly and monthly.

When it comes to how to get real estate leads, nothing beats word of mouth and testimonial lead generation which is why it is extremely important to start using social media and start farming testimonials and reviews. It constantly amazes me the lack of real estate agents who use Google my business pages I mean they’re almost nonexistent for independent real estate agents

And real estate lead generation is constantly evolving but the most under used and overlooked method of real estate lead generation is using SMS and facebook advertising, fan pages and facebook messenger marketing techniques.

How your website works can make or break your real estate marketing strategy. That is why you need to have a mobile optimized web page that highlights who you are and engages with your prospects so that you can get them fast into a conversion funnel. Take a look at for client engaging web pages that help you To Build A Real Estate Business.

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