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Companies must connect with their audience before a sale is possible. Integrating advertising is the best way to drive engagement and sales, while increasing customer satisfaction and brand awareness. According to industry averages 51% of all search is local, 97% of consumers use the internet as the starting point of all research, & 78% of consumers trust peer recommendation-they want to know the social input from their friends, family, & online community.

Online-to-Offline Marketing – also known as O2O – is an effective way for businesses to reach customers in all effective media channels.

O2O Media’s Approach To Growth.

We help you achieve dramatic growth by focusing on three key areas:

Brand Presence

Your offline community and online presence require social trust – It matters what is said. Potential customers check you out before engaging your business. It is imperative your reputation is outstanding and full of positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations. We help you obtain customer feedback as well as generating positive reviews across Google, yelp, and Facebook, so customers buy from you instead of your competitors.


We have proven marketing systems that help you generate a consistent flow of NEW customers on an ongoing basis. Not one time campaigns with diminishing results overtime, but systems that continually drive new customers through your door.


It’s not enough to get a new customer, it’s about getting them back over-and-over. We build custom VIP clubs that help you generate more repeat business from existing customers so you can increase revenue.

Do You Desire A Noticeable ROI With Marketing That Actually Works?

We leverage proven marketing systems designed to increase sales, generate a consistent flow of new customers, increase brand lift, and drive more repeat business. You can expect effective marketing that works and generates a positive ROI, so you make significantly more money than you invest with us.. Month-after-Month.

New Customers

Every month you’ll generate a consistent flow of new customers.

Business Growth

Every month your customer database will grow, allowing you to generate more repeat business.

Brand Exposure

Every month you’ll continue to increase brand exposure, so your business is always top of mind.

Customer Reviews

Every month your reviews will increase, allowing you to become the most trusted business in town.

Want to increase business by upwards of 25% or more?

Hello I Am TJ Pilant — The purpose of marketing is to forge a bond with customers, letting them know you are listening and understand their needs. While proving your company is the best at serving their needs it is also important that your advertising reaches consumers at the right time. Creating unrivaled customer experiences, builds client loyalty to your brand. Research shows 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that cater to their interests at the moment of need fulfillment. So it only makes sense that companies who invest resources into tailoring their products and services to the behaviors of their audience have a lot to gain. There are many aspects to marketing and building a successful O2O marketing campaign. Creating a strategy that satisfies a consumers expectations of a frictionless flow can be challenging for any sized business. You need a knowledgeable expert that understands the needs and challenges of your industry. I am greatly passionate about two things Marketing and Technology. With 30+ years of consulting and business systems experience I can confidently say that my team and I can help your business thrive. Contact us for a no-obligation ‘zero-strings attached’ marketing consultation. We will perform a detailed assessment of your business to examine areas of growth that could lead to business increase of up to 25% or more.

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